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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Understand STOs

IPOs are an expensive, time-consuming way for companies to raise money. They’re also limited to specific, localized markets. Good thing there’s another way.

An Interview with Jessica Merrell – Co-founder, VP and Chairwoman of the 81-c Board

TechBullion sat down with Jessica Merrell, cofounder of 81-c, a company that’s pioneering entrepreneurship as an asset class enabling anyone in the world to invest in businesses that would typically never be available to the public.

5 Benefits of STOs for Investors

Investing is like gambling, and if you’re an everyday retail investor (instead of a bigwig), then you have to place a big bet to play. But the cards are unfortunately stacked against you before you ever play your hand.

A Startup Investor and His Money Are Soon Parted

While Silicon Valley VCs risk their money on the never-ending quest for the next Google, I’m happy to back tested, revenue-generating businesses that consistently earn a nice return. – Dan Abbate on Influencive

The Future of Transactional Business and Accounts

Listen to our co-founder and co-CEO Dan Abbate on the Future Tech podcast, talking about the future of transactional business and accounts.

Jess Merrell on The Blockchain Show

Jessica Merrell is the Founder and Co-CEO at 81-c. 81-c is creating a solution in the global challenge of financial inclusion by growing entrepreneur-led small to medium-sized enterprises and making them accessible to everyone. Their proprietary scaling method allows for rapid growth and value creation that is immediately made available to the public. The 81-c approach is revolutionary as it delivers, for the first time, a way for everybody to access the value created by entrepreneurship. It also unlocks maximum value for entrepreneurs who can now source previously untapped capital and resources. So it’s a win-win for both 81-c entrepreneurs and the investing public.

What’s The State Of Blockchain In Crowdfunding? 8 Experts Share Their Insights

Blockchain in Crowdfunding today is in its infancy. The technology has proven itself over the last 10+ years but the application and mass adoption of it in various industries is only just beginning. Dan Abbate on

The sweet spot between protecting investors and fostering innovation

So where is the sweet spot between protecting investors and fostering innovation? Find out, in Jess’ article on BanklessTimes.

How to Tell a Good Acquisition From a Dud

How can you tell if a potential acquisition deal will work out in your favor? Hint: It’s more than just the purchase price. Dan Abbate on

Entrepreneurship as an Asset Class

Entrepreneurship is commonly depicted as the bastion of easy success, but the simple reality is that entrepreneurs consistently face a long, painful journey. Dan Abbate on Hackernoon.

A Non-Blockchain Founder’s Guide to Security Tokens

If 2017 was the year of the initial coin offering (ICO) and 2018 was the year of their decline, then 2019 is surely the year of the security token offering (STO).

To shed some light on STOs, we’ll cover what security tokens actually are, why they’re getting so much attention, and why you should be considering them as a new way to access capital. Dan Abbate in Founder’s Guide.

Why STOs Are a Step Above ICOs

ICOs set the stage for allowing anyone to invest in new companies, but they were flawed right from the start due to a lack of regulation and accountability. This byline will show where STOs picked up the pieces and why they’re offering a better solution than their ICO counterparts. Dan Abbate on The Daily HODL.

A Retail Investor’s Guide To Security Token Offerings

An introduction for the curious investor who wants to know more about security tokens. Dan Abbate on SeekingAlpha.

You Don’t Need To Run A Business To Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship isn’t a title. It’s a mindset that anyone can have regardless of their career. By Jessica Merrell, Cofounder of 81-C, for

How security token offerings promote financial inclusion

Companies listed on the stock exchange are down 50% from two decades ago because IPOs are now rarely profitable, STOs could just be the answer to financial inclusion and business success. Jess Merrell on Innovation Enterprise.

Who is behind 81-c?

Wellington, Florida is far more associated with the equestrian business than with tech startups. When the media covers business titans, they usually come out of big […]

How Do Investors Benefit From 81-c?

You’re investing your money foolishly. Many people know the stock market as a great way to build up an investment portfolio. But there’s only incremental growth […]

Why Should Entrepreneurs Join 81-c?

Bigwig investors are fishing for marlin, so even the biggest sea bass won’t meet their standards. They won’t put money into smaller companies because they want […]

How Does 81-c Select Companies To Partner With?

The Silicon Valley dream is still alive because hype is more exciting and important than a company’s long-term value. Too many companies are built on hype […]

How Does 81-c Work?

People aren’t just limited by options, but also by their knowledge. Education is a big focus for our company because we believe it opens up new […]

Why Does 81-c Exist?

81-c exists to pave the path to financial inclusion. Instead of complaining about the current state of the investment landscape, we decided to do something about […]

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