Why Should Entrepreneurs Join 81-c?

Bigwig investors are fishing for marlin, so even the biggest sea bass won’t meet their standards.

They won’t put money into smaller companies because they want new businesses offering hot products or services. The financial elite skip over many of the businesses and solo entrepreneurs who would greatly benefit from their funding and support.

What would it take to make small businesses as appealing and accessible of an investment opportunity as possible?

We offer a way turn sea bass into marlin for these investors. At 81-c, we call it the Entrepreneurial Consolidation Model. We’re using the power of blockchain to make investing a win-win for everyone — entrepreneurs gain financial and operational support, and investors get enhanced liquidity from investing in small- and medium-sized companies aggregated under the 81-c umbrella.

Inquisitive entrepreneurs want to know: what’s in it for me if I join 81-c?


They get a suite of services to maximize efficiency, profitability, and growth.

Entrepreneurs surely know the saying “nothing worthwhile is easy.” They know how much time, effort, and money goes into making a business successful — it’s personally and professionally exhausting. Each day presents new hurdles to prevent you moving forward. But instead of trying to clear them on your own, what if you had a support system to help you clear them with ease?

This is what 81-c is all about. We provide entrepreneurs with the resources they need to achieve efficiency, profitability, and growth. Here are the advantages their businesses receive when they join our business:

They get to utilize our corporate structure.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to build a robust corporate structure. They’re limited by the amount of time and resources available. We solve this by delivering it all as part of the package: our culture, processes, technology, and services are available for your use. We want your company to grow as a part of our company right from day one.

They get access to liquidity.

When you’re running a business, your only real chance for liquidity comes from a successful exit.

Under the 81-c model, the private value of your business when it’s onboarded offers you liquidity with benefits — you continue to operate and grow your business.

Almost anything of value can be tracked and traded on the blockchain, and the ability to tokenize assets creates enhanced liquidity. This works in favor of entrepreneurs and investors alike. Entrepreneurs gain faster access to more capital from a wider pool of investors. And the investors buy into a regulation-friendly token to buy and sell on any approved exchange.

They retain business autonomy.

We’re not here to tell entrepreneurs how to operate their businesses.  Their companies already got our attention with their own processes — we only want to help them by adding and augmenting what is either missing or needed.

We’ll work with entrepreneurs to set growth targets, but they manage their own operations and make their own decisions to get there. We’ll also help keep their business compliant with financial regulations, because that’s what makes security tokens lawful.

These are  just three advantages entrepreneurs receive when they join 81-c’s Entrepreneurial Consolidation Model, but a powerful social aspect underlies everything. By promoting the use of security tokens, they’ll lend a hand in achieving global financial inclusion. When there are more ways to invest, more people participate. More participation means more entrepreneurship. And more entrepreneurship grows the world’s economy.


It’s time to get on board.

The finance world is undergoing radical transformation lately, so there’s no better time for us to serve entrepreneurs.

Blockchain hype isn’t about niche cryptocurrency headlines anymore, it’s gone mainstream. From finance to healthcare to real estate, this technology is steamrolling outdated systems to replace them with cost-effective processes that are streamlined and more secure.

It’s moving quickly. Governments around the world are passing regulations to support new fundraising options. Initial coin offerings (ICOs) teased the market with blockchain-powered crowdfunding until the SEC determined that “offers and sales of digital assets by ‘virtual’ organizations are subject to the requirements of the federal securities laws.” The finding that these tokens are actually securities gave birth to security token offering (STOs), a new way for entrepreneurs to get access to regulated funding from the investing public.


Don’t miss the boat.

STOs are a legally compliant cousin to ICOs. As a new investment vehicle that provides entrepreneurs with more options for raising capital, they offer access to a bigger pool of investors in a completely legal way. They’re also more affordable than the astronomical costs of taking a company public through an IPO.

Security token offerings are a far more inclusive way to let anyone gain access to the value created by entrepreneurship. They’re making big waves in the financial world — big enough to capsize the fishing yachts of elite investors.