Why Does 81-c Exist?

81-c exists to pave the path to financial inclusion.

Instead of complaining about the current state of the investment landscape, we decided to do something about it. We dove head first into blockchain technology, immersed ourselves in securities, and that’s when it hit us: security tokens open up investing opportunities to anyone, anywhere.

We’re going to give you a glimpse into how and why it all came together. Here’s the method to our madness.

Where did 81-c come from?

Dan was flipping businesses and finding new ways to add fun to his life, while Jess had left her global advertising career and was working in her family’s fitness business to create a professional life with more intention. We synced up at a local professional organization and realized that we had a lot of complementary experience. We bonded over our shared belief that being successful, enjoying your life, and making an impact on the world are not mutually exclusive — it takes an entrepreneurial mindset to accomplish all of them.

An entrepreneurial mindset isn’t restricted to those running a business — it’s useful in everyday life. This type of thinking lends itself to anyone wanting to lead a life without boundaries. But sharing this knowledge with the public wasn’t enough. We needed to provide a way for everyone to access entrepreneurship, whether as a business owner or as an investor.

We decided to do something about it by creating a company.

What was the plan for 81-c?

We both saw the promise of blockchain technology during its infancy. We realized it had the potential to change a lot of things across virtually every industry. So we asked ourselves: if blockchain technology breaks down barriers, how should we harness it?

We both valued a world where anyone could access the value created by entrepreneurship. Even if someone isn’t an entrepreneur — effectively running their own business — they should have an opportunity to invest in people that are. But we quickly realized that this wasn’t so easy. Most of the value created in the global economy isn’t accessible to a majority of the population.

Everyone seems to ignore this problem.

Although 81-c addresses a straightforward issue, we found that it’s not easy to invest in entrepreneurship. A majority of people don’t even know that this is a problem

Many companies can’t add value to public investors because it costs too much to go public. These companies are forced to seek capital through bank loans, credit extensions, and private funds (i.e. friends and family) instead of the public market or even professional private funds. Their options are limited.

The average investor has two limited options for investing in companies: figure out how to become an accredited investor — where you’re limited by investing politics, personal connections, and high financial barriers — or wait until a company has an initial public offering (IPO). Initial coin offerings (ICOs) more recently introduced a new method for crowdfunding by putting it on the blockchain. This worked well (in theory) until less credible companies and outright scams started abusing ICOs, stealing money from their early investors.

While IPOs and ICOs were steps in the right direction, these solutions were flawed. They didn’t make meaningful progress on financial inclusion.

There needed to be a better way for people to securely invest in smaller, steady-growth companies and projects that create the backbone of the global economy.

81-c is leading the way to financial inclusion.

The need for a better investment vehicle came during the downfall of the ICO, starting in mid-2018. Security token offerings (STOs) rose up in its place to remedy those problems. But at present, these are an opportunity that only exist for the financial elite.

We use the global accessibility of security tokens to create a model that will increase everyone’s access to financial opportunities. Our model adheres to the following steps:

  1. Scale: help to grow businesses that would otherwise not have the opportunity to access public capital or additional resources.
  2. Tokenize: distribute equity shares through an STO to the investing public.
  3. Repeat: reinvest in continued growth and development to drive token value.


Our solution helps both sides of an investment:

  • It lets businesses big and small become part of our organization, granting entrepreneurs access to new capital and resources. They can grow quickly through 81-c’s corporate structure and scaling model.
  • It lets investors ( whether accredited or first time) access entrepreneur-backed value through a secure, compliant technology. Tokens also have a low barrier to entry and can be traded in approved exchanges.


Our efforts in fostering financial inclusion have shaped our mission: to establish entrepreneurship as an asset class, and help everyday people invest in companies they’d normally never have access to. Through our model, we hope to shrink the inequality gap in value creation. The more people participate, the more businesses grow. The more that businesses grow, the more innovation we’ll see.

After 81-c paves the path to inclusion, then we’ll have a truly global community with more people on the road to financial inclusion.